Care Advice

Care Advice for Carers

Carers can be the spouses, partners, daughters and sons, relatives, neighbours or friends of someone suffering from any illness or disability and, they are usually unpaid.

Legal Advice

Finding a Solicitor

A solicitor can give you advice on how to protect the assets of the person you care for. They can advise you how to protect the wishes of someone who is losing their mental capacity, including deputyship applications to the Court of Protection

"On Behalf of my family I would like to thank you and your staff of very caring ladies for the excellent care they gave to my mother every day. The most outstanding compassionate care and attention was given."

"Thank you for your quick and friendly response to my phone call. I now have the care I need. Your staff are so kind and helpful and made me feel at ease."


Trusted Service

Live in care at home

Live-in Care is a type of care solution that allows you or your loved one to stay independent in familiar, relaxed surroundings with a comfortable routine.

For those that value their independence, Live-in Care is the popular solution of choice; especially for those that want to stay at home and not have to change their lifestyle or be away from their friends or pets.


Live in Care Funding, Home Care & Elderly care at home Funding and Costs

It is worth while looking around for sources of care funding. Let's face it, care at home can be expensive, but there are places that help with the financial means to stay independent. It does depend upon why the care is needed, financial means, or the funding available in a certain area.

The Local Authority will provide help with care fees - but not to everyone. If you or a loved one feel or have been told you will need long term care and are wondering how to pay for it, turn first to the local authority to see if there is any financial support available.

There are also other methods of public funding available for care and benefit entitlements that should be explored. But if you or a loved one doesn't qualify for public funding and has to pay for care privately, or simply needs a top up on those benefits, we suggest you speak with a Financial Advisor or Solicitor who has the appropriate care fees financial knowledge and experience. See our Directory for an independent advisor in your area.

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